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CPU Architectural Design Flaw

  Most Intel chips are at risk, and it is estimated that the fix could degrade server performance by up to 20%. To briefly summarize the issue, it uses speculative execution to leak kernel data to regular user programs. This is an example of a side channel attack.  There are concerns about cloud providers, which share

Serious flaw in WPA2

Serious flaw in WPA2 protocol lets attackers intercept passwords and much more Researchers have disclosed a serious weakness in the WPA2 protocol that allows attackers within range of vulnerable device or access point to intercept passwords, e-mails, and other data presumed to be encrypted, and in some cases, to inject ransomware or other malicious content

Equifax Seizes Domains

Equifax Seizes 138 Scam Domains Late last month, Equifax secured control over 138 domains mimicking a website that the company launched in September in the wake of its massive data breach.   Full Story on  

Tentative Meeting Dates Announced

SecMidwest will host their first three meetings starting in January.  Meetings will normally be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Themes and guest speakers will be announced soon. Meeting 1: January 9th Meeting 2: February 13th Meeting 3: March 13th