SecMidwest is 100% funded by donations, anything you donate will go back to the project as the SecMidwest team is not paid anything.  Donations are what keep us running and providing free meetings.

Donation Tiers


Friends of SecMidwest donation – any amount (Cash, Check, Credit, Crypto) 

SecMidwest will be very grateful and say thank you!  Crypto donations will be given a dollar amount at the time was given, for the purposes of the finical disclosure slides at each monthly meeting.  SecMidwest will disclose how much in donations was given in the last month (meeting to meeting) at each meeting.  SecMidwest will not detail who gave how much, but we will have a general slide “Friends of SecMidwest have donated $#.## this month!”



Meeting Sponsor – $300 (Cash, Check, Credit)

Meeting Sponsors are given space on the SecMidwest website with the meeting they are sponsoring.  SecMidwest website admin will post them as sponsor within 48 hours of payment, artwork, and URL received. They will be given two, 6-foot tables in a prominent location at the monthly meeting to “meet and greet”, and offer free items to give away to attendees.  SecMidwest will also have a single slide in the opening portion of the meeting with their logo, website and a brief description of the services they provide.  This will be read by the SecMidwest MC for the monthly meeting.  All free items, URLs, artwork, and descriptions of services will be reviewed by the board of directors, and we reserve the right to modify and remove anything we deem necessary.  Making changes to these items, is our right and will not constitute a refund of sponsorship.

Meeting Sponsors will provide their logo or other artwork they would like on display as well as a URL that will link to the site of their choosing.  They will also be listed in the side bar menu with the text name only that is also a link to the previously mentioned URL.  Example provided:


Community Partner – $1000 (Cash, Check, Credit Card)
         (Other identified non-monetary amounts, discretion of the board of Directors)

Community Partners require the board to ratify their partnership with SecMidwest, it will take a minimum “yes” vote of 3 members.  The partnership will last for 12 months, unless otherwise requested to be terminated by sponsor, early termination will not receive a refund of any donated funds. Our Community Partners will be listed as such on the main page of SecMidwest for the duration of the partnership.  We will have a space for their logo, and link said logo to the URL of their choice.  The idea of community partners is to help SecMidwest in our mission of security, education, technology, and outreach.  Their donation will help us to continue operating for that year and might include local organizations who would otherwise not feel the need to attend and/or sponsor a single meeting but share our vision and want to help us achieve our goals.